i want to go to there.

my semester in costa rica
~ Sunday, April 25 ~

Pineapple Plantation

Costa Rica is currently one of the largest pineapple producers in the world. Since it is a relatively new industry and is bringing in so much money, there is little government regulation of the industry. (this used to be true of the banana plantations but since they have been around so long, there have been a lot more advances in workers rights and in reduction of health risks). Pinneapples are a very destructive crop and make the land they are farmed on useless after they are harvested. The pesticides used contaminate the water supply for the surrounding area, so AyA (the water treatment organization in Costa rica) has to bring in clean water every day. The fertilizer causes algae to grow, and take oxygen away from the fish, which increases the mosquito population (helping spread vector-borne diseases). I know I sound like a Debbie Downer, but hopefully (just as with bananas) more regulation will be put in place over time. It sucks learning where your food comes from, especially when pineapples taste so good.